We started Graysen Design with a heat press off of Amazon, a Cricut Vinyl Cutter,  and YouTube in the extra bedroom/office in our East Dallas home.  As word began to spread that we had entered the world of apparel decoration, our need to expand past a heat press became necessary.  With no knowledge of screen printing, we opened YouTube back up, screwed up a TON of scrap shirts, and started working on perfecting a craft that we had never done before.  

Within a year of doing business out of our office and attached garage, we made the decision as a family to relocate to a different area of East Dallas, with a two car detached garage, that had its own plumbing, electrical, and necessary space to expand the business.  We worked here for a little over a year and a half, as we took on new clients, new projects, and really started to test the viability of doing this as a full time job/career.  


Within that time we started taking orders for custom shirts of over 1,000 pieces at a time.  Our living room slowly became a t-shirt holding station, our front porch began to be covered with boxes as customers would come by and grab their shirts off of our porch in between rain storms, cold weather, and their own availability.  We decided it was time to get out of the garage and to give our living room and dining room back to our expanding family.  It was just a few months later that we saw a space on Garland Road, just around the corner from our house that would become the perfect home for Graysen Design.  We have been located here at 9022A Garland Road ever since.  

In our wildest dreams, I'm not sure even we could have imagined that we would have printed shirts and other items for the likes of Alice Cooper, Boeing, multiple schools in Dallas, a preschool in Bel Air, California, shirts for the WHO record release, a Neighborhood Supply boutique, large baseball organizations, yard signs for a local Handyman company, cups used for surprise concert announcements for the Texas Rangers, and other promotional products for friends, family, and the DFW Kids Directory.  We are truly humbled by the continued support of our local business here in East Dallas.  We look forward to updating his section as our business continues to grow and evolve.   


Tel: 214.497.1772 | Tel: 214.988.6230



Mon - Fri: By Appointment

Sat: By Appointment

Sun. Closed


- Screen Printing

- Embroidery

- Promotional Products

- Sublimation

- Team Uniforms 

- Hats, Tote Bags, and other garments



9022A Garland Road

Dallas, TX 75218

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